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Create - Envision - Heal

Hello!  I'm Seka, founder of Soul Therapy Online. I am a Counsellor and creative who is here to help you lovingly make changes in your life. I believe you can achieve your personal and professional goals with a person-centred, holistic and creative approach. For more information about my services, please browse my website or get in touch.

Counselling & Coaching sessions

To learn about my sessions, please see below. See the home menu for more information about me and my therapeutic practices.


Career Coaching Session

Do you feel uncertainty around your next career move? Do you have recurring thoughts of what to study next, but can't make a decision? Perhaps you've got some self-limiting beliefs or just aren't sure about the pragmatics of your next move. In my career coaching sessions you'll explore your key capabilities, strengths and skills and also use tools to identify what your patterns are and potential growth areas. Contact me to learn about how I will take you through this step by step process.

Red Painting and Brushes

Creativity Coaching Session

Do you feel like you are always dreaming of creative projects and activities but not really getting around to them? Or perhaps you have old negative messages causing creative blocks? The techniques I have learned will help guide and inspire you to achieve more of your creative goals.

Paper Heart

ENM Relationship Coaching 

I counsel ENM, including R.A., folks or people who have found themselves in such relationships. We will focus on setting boundaries, in contrast to imposing rules. I will also invite you to explore feelings, particularly jealousy, and look at this as a vehicle for growth. Reach out to me to see if this type of session is for you.

Newcastle Australia

Trauma exploration & healing

I am here to listen to your experiences and gently guide you to the underlying emotions. By training ourselves to use the feeling wheel and human needs frameworks, you will become adept at identifying and calling yourself out on suppressed feelings. Exploring feelings also helps us cut through a lot of details that cover up what is really going on. You'll improve your sense of self, self love and develop clarity on your life's purpose through meditations, deep dive explorations and self-reflective journaling.

Some areas of trauma I have knowledge and experience in:

- Childhood 

- Institutional (including government departments, the legal system etc)

- Religious and cult control

- Coercive control

- Narcissistic abuse

- Childhood and adult bullying and harassment 

Once you've identified patterns, you can create boundaries for your self-care and growth.

Please note that I can show you tools and techniques to help identify your feelings in only one session, however, healing of deep seated trauma is suitable for long-term psychotherapy.

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